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JavaScript Loop For  

JavaScript Loop For

The For Loop

Loops are handy, if you want to run the same code over and over again, each time with a different value.

The for loop has the following syntax:

for (statement 1; statement 2; statement 3) {
  // code block to be executed

Statement 1 is executed (one time) before the execution of the code block.

Statement 2 defines the condition for executing the code block.

Statement 3 is executed (every time) after the code block has been executed.


for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
  text += "The number is " + i + "<br>";

The For/Of Loop

The JavaScript for/of statement loops through the values of iterable objects

for/of lets you loop over data structures that are iterable such as Arrays, Strings, Maps, NodeLists, and more.

The for/of loop has the following syntax:

for (variable of iterable) {
  // code block to be executed

variable - For every iteration, the value of the next property is assigned to the variable. Variable can be declared with constlet, or var.

iterable - An object that has iterable properties.


var cars = ['BMW', 'Volvo', 'Mini'];
var x;

for (x of cars) {
  document.write(x + "<br >");

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